About Us

Divine Mercy School was founded in 2009 with the object of imparting quality and modern education to all the communities irrespective of status, caste, creed and religion. The school aims at not only academic education to boys and girls but also helps them to form an integrated personality, a strong character, and love for truth and in keeping with the national aspirations. It helps them to become useful and worthy citizens of India.

The school encourages the students to keep their ideals high and to strive for excellence in every field. It endeavours to inculcate into them the values of freedom and its judicious use, respect for law and order. It teaches them to abide by moral principles, to be unselfish in the service to their country and fellowmen.

Thus the school aims not merely at intellectual education but also at a careful development of all moral and social habits which are the basis for the formation of an upright citizen and a perfect gentleman.