From The Desk Of Principal

Each child is a gift from God. Whatever God creates is perfect and good, therefore all the students who come to Divine Mercy School are a precious gift from God. The aim of DMS is to find and appreciate the goodness of each student and be perfect in life. I salute all those teachers who zealously labour to nurture the students to reach their perfection.

The school has a unique role to play in the formation of a child. However, I believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and that the school can only assist them. Family is the first school. School can only build on the foundations laid by parents. It is in the family that children learn to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and the many basic human and social values. School builds on the foundations which parents have already laid in the home. Therefore the importance of good family life can never be underestimated. Home and School, Parents and Teachers need to be collaborators in the mission of ‘educating’ our children. We need to play a complementary role.

One cannot but admit the gap that exists between the ideal and the reality. The students need to realize that education is not for merely achieving the academic excellence but for LIFE.

My hope is that parents would be able to spend quality time with their children, helping them to make sense of their desires and experiences, always upholding time tested values and principles. Let us join hands and equip our children with a meaningful education which will enhance them to face life ahead.

With good wishes and imploring God’s blessings to the students, their families and all those who support the educational mission at Divine Mercy School, Orai.

I remain,
Fr.Kapil Anuz
Divine Mercy School, Orai