Leave Of Absence

  • Regular attendance is expected of every student and no student shall absent himself/herself from his or her class without the prior permission of the class Teacher or Principal.
  • The class teachers are authorized to grant leave to pupils for two days, provided they are not the days of examination. Leave applications for three or more days should be sent to the Principal. No separate leave applications entertained. Parents can write the application on the prescribed sheets in the dairy.
  • If prior permission for leave cannot be obtained for reasons beyond control, a written information signed by the parent/guardian should be sent to the Principal by hands on the first day of absence. When the student rejoins the school the parents should write the reason for absence with a plea to grant the leave for the days absent on the prescribed sheets in the dairy.
  • Absence from examination without leave and the reopening of classes after holidays will be viewed seriously. In the case of illness a medical certificate should be submitted.